Once we have identified the problem areas we work on what is holding you back from decluttering and sorting.

  • Is there a lack of space?
  • Is the space set up incorrectly?
  • Are you too busy?
  • Are you overwhelmed?
  • Are you hiding from bills?

Having answered the above questions we come up with a plan of action and a realistic schedule.

 E S' We work using an easy system - Sorted's five S's of organization.

Step 1 - SORT

The main questions we ask in the sort stage are - do I NEED this and have I used it RECENTLY. This where the 80/20 rule applies - we only use 20% of our stuff. The other 80% is 'should', 'could' or 'would' use.

Step 2 - SHED

At this stage we decide what is to be given away, what is to be sold and what is to be thrown out.

Step 3 - SELECT

Once we've pinpointed the possessions you will be keeping we select the appropriate place for every single item, grouping similar items together.

Step 4 - STORE

We then choose the correct storage solution for our grouped items.

Step 5 - SYSTEMS

Having been through the whole process with us you will now be able to keep everything in order by using your organisational systems daily.


We realize that we may come across personal items in the process and assure you of our strict confidentiality code and utmost discretion. We are not there to judge but to find solutions.