"Lindsay Faber offered her services when she heard we were putting our townhouse on the market. We realised we needed a helping hand re the presentation of our home, but were unsure how to go about reducing the large amount of "our stuff" and generally organising the living and working spaces. Lindsay was wonderful, tidying up, packing away the extras to de-clutter the living, kitchen and dining areas and rearranging the court yard, with amazing results. She then tackled our office and bed room, including the walk in wardrobe, all of which she transformed into neater, apparently larger and certainly, more liveable areas. She has a wealth of original ideas on creating a feeling of space and a special knack with decorating, using a minimum of well-chosen pieces. The net result of Lindsay's talented help was that we were now able to live in such a wonderfully transformed environment that we abandoned the idea of selling and are still living in our home."

Ned and Helen Poole

"Selling our house was a huge decision - not least because of the amount of work in preparing involved in order to present a beautiful house, and then to actually pack up and move.  What really made a difference to me was having the practical support in achieving this that was provided by Sorted. Lindsay is such a do-er when so many things needed to be done, as well as keeping an air of calm, practicality and logic.  She helped us to review each space within the house to enable its optimum use as well as always being conscious of the aesthetics.  Once we had sold the house, the systems which she introduced were carried through into our packing so that once we move into the new location the job was so much simpler and much less stressful to manage.  I am so grateful not only for the practical help but also for the enlightenment of how this can make my life easier!"

Ian Thomas

"Our business has evolved to the point where we can't see the mess for the clutter!  While we are very successful online publishers handling hundreds of products a week and loving it - the challenge was to keep the place functioning from the perspective of limited space.  Sorted was recruited to help  'tidy up' but not in the sense of simply putting things away - this is a more conceptual sorting out of how the systems we have, impact on the physical environment in a negative way.  Lindsay was able to create new spaces, and new ways of doing things to alleviate some of these pressures.  The office we now have is neater, more organised and more in keeping with the way we want our business presented to the commercial world.  Thank you for the great effort Lindsay - you have really made a difference!"

Jackie Maxted

"You were fantastic and such a hard worker - anyone who uses your expertise are getting true value for money, since you helped me sort out my place I must admit I have never misplaced anything(except for the time my husband spent 20minutes looking for the sticky tape, only to find it was in the tape draw in the office.) I would recommend that anyone who feels as if the walls are closing in on them and that their life is out of control due to all the clutter, should use your services.

I believe it was an investment in both me and my families lives.

 A big THANKYOU for all that you did and all that you taught me."


"Lindsay has an unerring eye that sees immediately what to do and how to go about it and is able to put it right while you think -  of course why didn't I do that.   She has done wonders for my home.  It was a super experience to watch someone efficient and caring working in my home to make it so liveable and right".

Brigid Purcell